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Plb Designs Embroidery 

Patty Bingaman

Plb Designs has been on the net since 1997.  Plb Designs started digitizing in about 2000 using a program called Generations, and Embird.  Since then we have advanced to Wilcom Hatch where 90% of the digitizing is done.  I started when digitizing was the craze and embroidery first came on the internet.  Many have fallen by the wayside since that time, but we are still around, and once again digitizing.  I took about 4 years out after the death of my daughter.  I just could not find any creative urges for a long time, until I finally came to peace within my heart, not totally, but enough that it has allowed me to move on with my life and not be stuck in one spot.  The loss of a child is something that is unexplainable and something that I hope none of you have to experience in your lifetime.  Too many Angel Moms in this world now.

We hope to bring you both the simple to the complex in embroidery.  I hope that you can find something that you like and or come back often to check it out.  I never know what idea might come forth at any given time.  Enjoy and thank you for stopping by !

 It is for the lightest of heart to the more serious of heart.
Beautiful things come togther using one stitch at a time !

Have a great day !