Hi, and welcome to Plb Designs! I am thrilled to have you here

We have been away for a while due to the death of my daughter.  I just did not feel up to working on digitizing or my website, but I am digitizing, sewing and creating again to bring items back on line.  I hope you find something you like.  Since I am currently busy putting things online, be sure to refresh or come back as I add products.  It is quite the process to get all these up and I only do a little a day.

I will also be adding projects that I have completed and the items are for sale.  These items will be tangible products which means that I will ship them to you via USPS.  Details will be available for each item that goes online.  Also, each product will be one of a kind unless stated otherwise, so when it is gone it is gone.  There is a $7.50 - $10.00 handling fee which should cover the cost of shipping and postage.  

Some of the files are older but they are good files.  They might have more trims than normal and 90% of my digitized files are for the home sewer.

All formats are included with the file, they are zipped and there is the main file that is a rar file.  You will need WinRar to extract it and you can get that program free online.  Just search for WinRar

I am currently moving things around and advancing items so if you can't locate something stop by again later.  I do appreciate the understanding.

Enjoy! and thank you for stopping by.