No Refund Fish

Due to the electronic nature of the product and the possibility of easy reproduction, refunds are not permitted.

Should you have any problems downloading your purchases, receive an incorrect file or damaged file, please contact us immediately and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Thank you for abiding to our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to pursue legal action against anyone who chooses to violate these terms.
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All designs, editorial content and graphics on this site are protected by U.S. copyright and international treaties and may not be copied or re-used without the express written permission
of Plb, which reserves all rights.

Embroidery designs are considered "software" and are covered under federal laws just like any other software program.
Copying software programs is illegal and punishable by civil and criminal laws. This means that copying our designs and claiming them as your own is violation of copyright


You may use our designs for sewing on products you are producing for pleasure, gift or for sale, provided that items produced for sale do not exceed a quantity of 500 units.
If you want to produce more than 500 units using any one design, contact us.


Stitch any or all of the designs you have purchased in any way you choose and you may keep or give away the items that you yourself have sewn
Stitch any or all of the designs you have purchased in any way you choose and SELL the items you have made
Make 1 backup CD of your designs for your own personal use
If items you have made appear in any publications give us credit for the designs. Plb Designs.


Transfer or share the designs with another party
Sell the files in any form
Distribute the embroidery files or give away for free
Buying, selling, trading or transferring copies of these files of the designs is in violation of copyright law
Use our designs for mass production without contacting us first for a special licence. Anything above 500 pcs
Alter or copy our designs and sell them as your own
Use the designs to teach a class without contacting us first for written consent

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